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Pursuing excellence in service for the last 20 years.

The company started solely as an appraisal company, and based on the experience of the principal, expanded into Appraisal, Brokerage, Consulting, Development, Property Management and Project Management.

Consulting and Land Planning

As a part of the Consulting portion of the business, Garvey & Company, Ltd. Provides assistance to landowners, accountants, attorneys and estate planners on the real estate portion of estates and trust planning. Many property owners and professionals need assistance in determining whether or not to put portions or all of their land into conservation restriction, whether or not to develop portions and conserve portions, or develop or sell the entire property. Everything is dependent upon the individual needs of the land owner.

Garvey & Company has been assisting both landowners and professionals in their decision making, helping create the decision matrix that leads to the most economic decision, many times influenced by the emotional ties to the land. We have been an innovator in land use planning, utilizing innovative land planning to create developments in harmony with the land and economic demands.